Wing Commander Academy - The Animated Series

Here are the episodes of Wing Commander Armada, the animated series, courtesy of the CIC. Feel free to download them (DUH!), it's completely legal. We have permission from Origin to distribute them.

I received notice from the folks at Ulyssis that this mirror was eating 70% of their bandwidth: about 130 GB/month. They don't have to pay for this bandwidth, but it is a shitload of bandwidth, and understandably they don't want to make an exception for me if it comes to resource hogging, or they would have to make an exception for everyone. Therefore they have given me untill September 22 to find a new host for my mirror. Well, I'm not gonna shove out a crapload of cash just so I can keep serving these files, so I came up with another solution: it's time the community stopped leeching, and started sharing. I got my stuff shared on the edonkey2000 network; links are below.


OK, the edonkey links are here:

Wing Commander Academy - Episode 01 - Red & Blue[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 02 - The Last One Left[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 03 - The Most Delicate Instrument[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 04 - Word of Honor[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 05 - Lords of the Sky[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 06 - Chain of Command[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 07 - Expendable[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 08 - Recreation[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 09 - Walking Wounded[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 10 - On Both Your Houses[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 11 - Invisible Enemy[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 12 - The Price of Victory[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi
Wing Commander Academy - Episode 13 - Glory of Sivar[LOAF-LordNightwalker].avi

And for those who don't have the DivX;-) codec, here it is, or try the Nimo Codec Pack instead if you have sound issues.
By the way, DivX 3.11a is a realy old codec, so I suggest you grab the latest from or just download the Nimo Codec Pack which already contains it. Since I don't update this page on a regular basis it might be entirely possible that my Nimo pack is outdated; to be sure, check the web to see if you find a newer one. This version was downloaded monday, june 10, 2002. The official homepage for the Nimo Codec is here.



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